We have 3 different levels of milling functionality depending on your needs. Our lowest priced product is EZ-MILL Express. It offers robust 2.5D operations such as pocketing, contouring, lettering, and more. It allows you to import geometry via IGES/DXF/DWG or you can create it using the powerful geometry toolbox.

 The next step up is our standard
EZ-MILL product, which includes all the EZ-MILL Express functionality plus Gears/Splines/Cams Geometry Creation, 2,5D milling operations applied to imported solid models, 4th axis indexing/wrapping, a 3D profiling cycle. Also included is the Optimize Curve command to simplify curves by fitting tangent arcs to polyline segments.

 The top level Milling product is EZ-MILL Pro and it includes all the functionality of EZ-MILL plus surface creation and machining capabilities. 3D Surface Machining Wizard combines 12 different Roughing, Re-Roughing and Finishing strategies under a new and simple-to-use dialog box.

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Solid Modelling with RHINO
3DM and clipboard support allow users to directly copy and paste Rhino models into EZ-MILL
Feedrate Optimization
specify your target horsepower and let EZ-MILL optimize your feedrates based on volume removal rate