EZ-TURN is an extremely capable integrated Turn/Mill programming system with many advanced features. Robust custom stock roughing, finishing, threading, grooving, cut-off, and bar pull operations handle the toughest turning requirements.

  EZ-TURN also supports multiple spindles, turrets, and coordinate systems, and canned cycles can be used to increase efficiency and reduce program length. Fully integrated milling capabilities support both C and Y axis configurations, and allow standard 2.5 axis milling operations to be performed on the face, or projected or wrapped around a specified diameter.

 Solid simulation/verification displays both turning and milling in a seamless environment, and ensures all mistakes are caught before they reach the shop floor. Multiple tool libraries can be defined to meet your specific machining needs. Post processors are available for virtually any machine, and a post editor allows you to create or customize your own.

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NEW!... Driven Tools
new cycles allow milling and drilling on the face or on the diameter with C and Y-Axis output
supports multiple turrets and multiple spindles, new turning cycles include BarPull and Cutoff