Installing the Software

Once you are certain that your computer meets the minimum system requirements, you may continue with installing the product. The setup is available in two versions. As single file downloads from or as CD version including all EZCAM products. Together with the EZCAM applications, setup also installs the Rainbow software protection driver depending on the operation system.


See also:

image\ar.gif Rainbow Software Protection Device


If your EZCAM software was shipped with the USB type of the Rainbow software protection key, remove the key prior to starting the setup.


Installation using the download version of the setup file:

  1. Copy the downloaded file to a temporary folder.

  2. Start the setup by double-clicking the file.

  3. Follow the setup instructions.


Installation using the CD version of the setup file:

The EZ-CAM setup should start automatically after the CD is inserted into the CD drive. Otherwise continue following the steps below.

  1. Insert the CD.

  2. Select RUN from the Start menu.

  3. Type:   <CD> : \ SETUP    ( where <CD> = letter of your CD drive).

     Example:    D : \ SETUP

  1. Select OK and the setup will start.

  2. The first setup dialog is used to define the destination folder  (default "EZCAMW"). Continue pressing "Next.

  3. Select "Custom" setup type to get the dialog that allows to select the modules to be installed while "Typical" will install all EZ-CAM modules.

  4. Follow the instructions on the screen.


Important for Update Installations !

The setup does not overwrite existing EZCAM related initialization files, but it is strongly recommended to make backup copies before installing any updates over existing installations.



All EZCAM Applications

(Default Settings, last used Files/Folders)


EZ-Mill & EZ-Turn (Screen/Button/Toolbar Layout)


EZ-Mill & EZ-Turn Express (Screen/Button/Toolbar Layout)


EZ-EDM (Screen/Button/Toolbar Layout)