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Show me how to
» create EZ-MILL worksteps from an imported solid model (complete training)
» use 3D Machining Wizard of EZ-MILL Pro
» increase milling feedrate and tool life using high speed pocketing
» use Curve Machining Wizard of EZ-MILL
» use special features of EZ-MILL Express
» update my existing rainbow key to work with latest version
» repeat entities by rotating around a center
» move part origin
» create geometry on user defined coordinate systems
» chain all red geometry entities imported from dwg file
» create cross-section curves from imported solid model
» change start/end point and direction of a curve
» create coons and normal translation surfaces from wireframe geometry
» make a flat surface from a circle or closed curve
» pocket with overlapping islands at different Z-levels
» repeat worksteps around the rotary axis
» delete & reorder worksteps using Spreadsheet
» define custom stock from a curve
» simulate fixtures
» use live tool cycles of EZ-TURN for machining a curve on the side of the part
» use thread milling cycle with multiple passes
» add cut-off and sub-spindle worksteps in EZ-TURN
» machine surface/solid model using 4'th axis in EZ-MILL
» match EZ-EDM XYUV 4 axes profiles from a solid model
» create ez-mill express worksteps from a DWG drawing
» create EZ-MILL worksteps from an imported solid model (short version)
» contour a 2D Curve continously advancing to Z-Depth
» change start point and direction of surface machining
» setup 4 axes XYVU machining worksteps